Logistics park steel structure construction procedures

Preparatory stage

Before the construction of the steel structure of the logistics park, a series of preliminary preparations need to be carried out. This includes planning and design, preparation of construction drawings, material procurement, etc.

1. Planning and design

Before the construction of the steel structure of the logistics park, the entire logistics park needs to be planned and designed. Planning and design include determining the layout, architectural style, roads, greening and other aspects of the logistics park.

2. Preparation of construction drawings

According to the requirements of planning and design, detailed construction drawings need to be prepared for the steel structure of the logistics park. Construction drawings include detailed information such as component dimensions, connection methods, and welding methods of the steel structure.

3. Material procurement

Before construction, steel structure materials need to be purchased according to the requirements of the construction drawings. Material procurement must ensure that the quality of the materials meets the design requirements and arrives at the construction site on time.

steel structure construction

Construction preparation stage

Before construction, construction site preparation needs to be carried out. This includes site leveling, equipment installation, etc.

1. The site is flat

At the construction site, the site needs to be leveled. This includes work such as clearing away trash and filling in potholes to ensure the smoothness of the construction site.

2. Equipment installation

At the construction site, various construction equipment needs to be installed, such as cranes, welding equipment, etc. Equipment installation must ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

Construction stage

During the construction phase, the construction work of the steel structure is carried out in accordance with the construction drawings and construction procedures.

1. Basic construction

First, foundation construction is carried out, including foundation treatment, foundation pouring and other work. Foundation construction must ensure the stability and bearing capacity of the foundation.

2. Steel structure installation

After the foundation construction is completed, the steel structure is installed. According to the requirements of the construction drawings, carry out hoisting and connection of components.

3. Welding work

Steel structures are usually connected by welding. During installation, welding work is required. Welding must be carried out in accordance with relevant standards and specifications to ensure welding quality.

4. Inspection and acceptance

After the steel structure is installed and welded, inspection and acceptance work needs to be carried out. Inspection and acceptance includes inspection of the quality of welds and the stability of steel structures.

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Closing stage

After the construction is completed, finishing work is carried out, including cleaning the construction site and organizing construction records.

1. Construction site cleaning

After the construction is completed, the construction site needs to be cleaned up, removing garbage, organizing materials, etc.

2. Organize construction records

Various records need to be kept during the construction process, including construction logs, welding records, etc. In the closing stage, these records need to be sorted out as a summary and reference for the construction.

The above are the general procedures for the construction of steel structures in logistics parks. In actual construction, adjustments and supplements need to be made according to specific conditions. During the construction process, relevant standards and specifications must be strictly followed to ensure construction quality and safety. At the same time, construction records and acceptance work must be done to facilitate subsequent use and maintenance.