Anti-corrosion coating construction of steel frame structure building

The steel frame structure anti-corrosion coating construction technology is suitable for the anti-corrosion construction technology for the construction of steel structure construction projects. Before large-scale construction, it is necessary to pre-coat the parts that are not easy to paint, welding parts and other necessary parts.

The process flow of the anti-corrosion coating construction process for steel frame structure is base surface cleaning → primer coating → topcoat coating → inspection and inspection. Sagging is due to the formation of paint disease in the paint distribution, construction method, etc. in the painting. The fix is:

  • When the paint film is semi-hard and dry, use a spatula to shovel off the drooping paint.
  • Sand the film flat with sandpaper, and after cleaning, touch up with the same paint.

steel frame structure

Protection requirements for anti-corrosion coating construction process of steel frame structure:

1. After the steel structure building components are painted, they should be temporarily enclosed and blocked to avoid stepping on and damaging the coating.

2. After the steel components are painted, if there is strong wind or rain within 4 hours, they should be covered to avoid sticking to dust and moisture and affecting the adhesion of the coating.

3. When the coated steel components need to be transported, care should be taken to avoid bumping, avoid spreading on the ground, and avoid coating damage.

4. Do not touch the acid liquid on the painted steel components of the steel frame structure building to avoid biting the coating.

steel structure building

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