How about the thermal insulation effect of grid structure in steel structure engineering?

In addition to the defensive function, the building shall also have the functions of heat preservation, wind resistance and cold resistance. How does the grid structure in today’s steel structure project achieve thermal insulation? What is its insulation effect?

Thermal insulation is very important in building construction. In terms of comfort, it can be said that it is one of the factors to be considered. Different from the traditional building materials, the grid structure is slightly complex to achieve thermal insulation. Although the grid structure has become the main building of some large shopping malls and stadiums, there are still some defects, especially in the bearing capacity of the grid.

steel structure engineering grid structure

Principle of thermal insulation performance of steel structure grid:

  • 1. The application of thermal insulation coating can reduce the surface temperature radiated by the steel structure grid by more than three layers, the surface temperature can be reduced by more than 20, and the space temperature of the steel structure grid can be reduced by more than 5.
  • 2. The new thermal insulation materials on the market can not only achieve the effect of thermal insulation, but also play an unexpected role in protecting the grid steel structure, thus avoiding the possibility of corrosion of the steel structure grid.
  • 3. In addition to the above effects, coating thermal insulation materials on the grid can effectively prevent the grid from generating condensation water, waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • 4. Thermal insulation coating can prevent heat conduction. Theoretically, it can ensure that more than 90% of the indoor heat is not lost.

steel structure grid

Grid structure is an important performance building material in modern architecture, and its good thermal insulation performance is a special product feature.

The steel structure engineering grid structure is a commonly used structure form in the current building structure. In the past, people still worried about the welding technology of grid structures. However, through the continuous updating and improvement of technology, the steel structure grid structure is very safe and reliable.