How to build warehouse with polyurethane sandwich panels?

Polyurethane sandwich panels are a high-performance building material consisting of two metal outer panels and a middle layer of polyurethane foam. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, fire performance, strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, polyurethane sandwich panels are very suitable for building warehouses.

Here are the steps to build a warehouse using polyurethane sandwich panels:

  • Determine the design and size of the warehouse, including the area and height of walls, roof and ground, etc.
  • According to the design requirements, select the appropriate specification and thickness of the polyurethane sandwich panel. It is generally recommended that the thickness of the outer plate is 0.5mm-1.2mm, and the thickness of the inner sandwich is 50mm-150mm.
  • Build the frame structure of the warehouse on the foundation, including columns, beams and wall supports.
  • Cut the polyurethane sandwich panel into a suitable size according to the design requirements, and fix it on the frame structure with screws and rivets.
  • Provide facilities such as doors, windows and vents on walls and roofs.
  • Lay suitable floor materials on the ground, such as concrete floor or floor tiles.
  • Perform detailing such as sealing gaps and trim.

polyurethane sandwich panels

The advantages of using polyurethane sandwich panels to build warehouses include:

1. Thermal insulation: Polyurethane sandwich panels have excellent thermal insulation properties, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.

2. Fireproof performance: Polyurethane sandwich panels have good fireproof performance, which can effectively protect the safety of the interior and surrounding environment of the warehouse.

3. Strength and corrosion resistance: Polyurethane sandwich panels have high strength and corrosion resistance, which can effectively prolong the service life of the warehouse.

4. Fast construction: The construction of polyurethane sandwich panel is fast and convenient, which can greatly shorten the construction period.

5. Simple maintenance: polyurethane sandwich panels are easy to maintain, only need to be cleaned regularly, and have good durability.