Which buildings will be applied to steel structures?

Steel structure is widely used in modern buildings. This is because the steel structure has the advantages that can not be compared with other building structures.

Advantages of steel structure

  • The steel structure has high compressive strength, light weight, good overall stiffness and strong deformation function. Therefore, steel structure is especially suitable for building large span, extremely high and heavy buildings.
  • The raw material has good homogeneity and anisotropy. It is an ideal elastomer material, which is most suitable for the basic construction of general mechanical foundation.
  • The raw materials of steel structure buildings have good plasticity and ductility, can have great deformation, and can effectively carry the driving force load.
  • The construction period is short, and its modernization level is high. It can realize professional production and manufacturing with high mechanical automation level.

steel structure building

Application of steel structure

1. super heavy industrial plant structure

Most workshops with large crane lifting capacity or complicated work use frames. For example, the blast furnace workshop, steel-making furnace workshop, mixer furnace workshop, blooming workshop of metallurgical industrial plants, steel casting workshop, hydraulic locomotive workshop, casting workshop of ultra heavy machinery manufacturing plants, etc. In recent years, with the many applications of the spherical grid structure, the general industrial production workshop also adopts the steel structure, that is, the steel structure industrial workshop.

2. long span structure

For example, the airport installation workshop, hangar, dry coal shed, auditorium, stadium and exhibition hall all need large-span structures. Its structure management system can be spherical grid, suspension bridge, cast-in-place beam and its structure, etc.

3. tower and mast structure

Mast structure containing tower body. Such as radio and television tower, microwave tower, power line tower, drilling tower, natural environment air detection tower, wireless antenna mast, radio program transmission mast, etc.

steel structure building

4. double storey, high-rise residential buildings and super high-rise buildings

Steel structure can be adopted for the frame of multi-storey high-rise buildings. The double-layer structure in industrial production buildings and high-rise residential buildings or super high-rise buildings such as hotels and restaurants should adopt the structure management system, framework template support system and framework column management system. In recent years, steel structure has gradually gained development trend in these industries.

5. structures bearing vibration load hazards and large earthquake effects

For workshops equipped with relatively large forging hammers, although the driving force immediately borne by the skeleton diagram is not large, the indirect vibration is extremely obvious, and the steel structure can be used. Steel structure should also be used for buildings with high seismic grade.

6. plate and shell structure

Such as large and medium-sized petrochemical plants, oil storage tanks, liquefied gas storages, iron making blast furnaces, hot air boilers, Buchner funnels, chimneys, cooling towers and various pipelines.

steel structure workshop

7. other metal buildings

Such as trestle, water pipe support, gantry crane and offshore oilfield service platform.

8. detachable or movable structure

Light steel structure is mostly used for commercial services, tourism development and container houses for construction sites. And connected with anchor bolts or scaffold fasteners.