Philippine custom 50mm eps warehouse wall panels shipped

This is a steel structure warehouse construction project in the Philippines. This warehouse is a small grain warehouse, mainly for storing crops that are harvested every year, such as rice, corn, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, etc.

Since it is used to store grain, it is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proof, fire-proof and thermal insulation of the steel structure warehouse. We recommend eps sandwich panels as warehouse wall panels for him. Finally, we chose to customize 50mm thick eps warehouse wall panels. Now these eps sandwich panels have been produced and are being loaded and shipped.

eps sandwich panels

The eps sandwich panel has high surface finish, excellent gloss retention, no discoloration, corrosion resistance, sun protection, anti-aging, thermal insulation and fire prevention, suitable for large-span structural roofs, walls, workshops, purification workshops, and high-end combination. houses, container houses, etc.

eps warehouse wall panels

warehouse wall panels shipped