Installation of column in metal warehouse construction

Steel column is one of the main components of metal warehouse. As the name suggests, steel column is a column made of steel, with two types of section – solid web column and lattice column. For steel column devices, the components shall be rechecked after mobilization and during installation. The number, size, shape, connection hole orientation and other attributes must be in one-to-one correspondence with the drawings before the installation of metal warehouse components.

1. Before the installation of steel column components, elevation observation points and center line signs shall be set. For a metal warehouse construction, the observation points and signs shall be set in the same direction, and shall conform to the following provisions.

  • The setting of elevation observation points shall conform to the following provisions: the setting of elevation observation points shall be based on the bracket (shoulder beam) bearing surface, and shall be set at the position convenient for observation of the column. For column without bracket (shoulder beam), the center of the top device hole connecting the column top and the scaffold shall be taken as the benchmark.
  • The setting of center line sign shall conform to the following provisions: one center sign shall be set in the direction of the upper line on the surface of the column base plate, and one center sign shall be set on both sides of the column line direction. A center line shall be set at the upper line and column line direction of the column body, and a center mark shall be set at the bottom, middle (bracket or shoulder beam) and top of each center line. The double bracket (shoulder beam) column is set with center marks on the outer surface of the two column shafts in the line direction.

metal warehouse

2. During the construction of metal warehouse, the multi section column device shall be assembled into a whole and then hoisted.

3. The installation and correction of steel column shall comply with the following provisions: the deviation caused by side sunlight shall be excluded, and the column perpendicularity deviation shall be controlled according to the temperature (season). After the installation of crane beam and roof truss and the adjustment, fixation and connection of crane beam, the steel column shall be retested, and those exceeding the allowable deviation shall be adjusted in time.

4. For columns with large slenderness ratio, temporary fixing measures shall be added after hoisting.

5. The installation of inter column support shall be carried out after the alignment of columns, and the inter column support shall be installed under the condition of ensuring the verticality of columns.

Quality is the life of construction projects. Quality is the first priority in the metal warehouse construction. Only quality comes first can an enterprise achieve long-term success. Only good process methods and correct and reasonable operation methods can ensure the high-quality completion of projects.