Why should the building be reinforced with steel structure?

During the use of steel structure buildings, after a long time of exposure to the sun and rain, there will be some problems. Some are minor problems and some are quality problems. If it is a quality problem, it is necessary to reinforce the building steel structure. There are many reinforcement methods that can be selected for buildings, and the steel structure reinforcement is one of them. What are the benefits of building steel structure reinforcement?

There are three main technical measures for steel structure reinforcement

  • 1. section reinforcement method: reinforcement is used locally or along the members to connect them into a whole so that they can bear the force together.
  • 2. prestressed cable method: use high-strength cables to reinforce the weak links of the structure or improve the overall bearing capacity, stiffness and stability of the structure.
  • 3. change the calculation diagram: add additional bearings, adjust the load distribution, reduce the internal force level, force the displacement of statically indeterminate structural bearings, and reduce the peak stress.

building steel structure

Benefits of strengthening and adding stories of building steel structures

  • 1. the house can be renewed and the city appearance can be improved through readjustment.
  • 2. the original foundation and materials can be used, and the project cost is low.
  • 3. it can improve the land utilization rate and reduce the cost of household relocation and resettlement.
  • 4. reduce site excavation, stacking, transportation and handling of building materials.
  • 5. structural transformation and storey adding transformation can not only expand the use area of the building, but also alleviate the shortage of housing.
  • 6. by adding ring beams, structural columns, inner and outer columns and other reinforcement methods, the seismic capacity and stress of the building are improved, and the service life of the building is prolonged.
  • 7. during the transformation and reconstruction of the original building structure, the use of the original building will not be stopped (only local use will be stopped), and the work and life will not be affected.
  • 8. It can make full use of the increased foundation bearing capacity of existing buildings due to long-term load, the safety reserve of the foundation in the design of existing buildings, or the favorable conditions for improving the foundation bearing capacity due to the decline of groundwater level. It is the most economical to carry out additional layer reconstruction without foundation treatment or slightly foundation treatment.

Steel is mainly used in the reinforcement of building steel structure, which has high strength and high elastic modulus. Compared with concrete and wood, it has lower density and yield strength. Therefore, under the same stress conditions, the steel structure is small, light and convenient for transportation and installation.