Steel structure biscuit factory with an annual output of 10000 tons

The main raw material of biscuits is wheat flour, supplemented with sugar, oil, eggs, dairy and other auxiliary materials. According to the different formula and production technology, sweet biscuits can be divided into two categories: tough biscuits and crisp biscuits.

Design of steel structure workshop

In order to put into production as soon as possible and speed up the construction progress, we choose the design form of steel structure workshop for biscuit processing plant. The biscuit factory workshop is in strict accordance with the specifications and standards of the food factory. Steel structure biscuit factory will need large-span space because of the demand of building use, and the structural part adopts steel frame structure.

Steel structure biscuit factory

The structural layout principles of the steel structure workshop of the biscuit processing plant are as follows: try to make the column grid of the building evenly and symmetrically arranged, so that the center of the building and the stiffness center are in the same position. In this way, the spatial torsion of the plant can be reduced, and the structural design of the building should be concise, symmetrical, smooth and clear. Prevent stress concentration in the structure or structural mutation of components, resulting in concave angle and shrinkage, and overhanging and adduction caused by excessive vertical changes, and strive to have no or less mutation in the stiffness along the vertical.

Address selection of biscuit factory

It is an important factor in the selection of plant construction area. In addition to directly affecting the cost of the project, the impact on the environment is also very important. When selecting the plant site, the climatic conditions shall be explained from the aspects of temperature, humidity, sunshine time, wind direction, precipitation, etc. Each of these aspects can be analyzed in more detail, such as average daily maximum and minimum temperatures and daily average temperatures.

biscuit factory

The biscuit factory itself does not have an adverse impact on the environment, but the environmental conditions may seriously affect the normal operation of the food factory. Biscuit factories are clearly dependent on the raw materials used, which may be downgraded due to other factors, such as polluted water and soil. The water consumption is not very large, but the requirements for water quality are also very high. If the nearby factory discharges the waste water into the river, affecting the sanitary quality of the factory water source, the project will be seriously damaged.