Six Elements of Building a Steel Structure Factory

1. Embedded components: can stabilize the factory structure.

2. Column: generally, it is C-shaped steel, H-shaped steel and square pipe. Usually, angle steel is used to connect two C-shaped steel.

3. Beam: C-shaped steel and H-beam steel are generally used, and the middle height depends on the span of the beam.

4. Roof purlins: generally, when they are installed as c-shaped steel and z-shaped steel, square pipes and purlins, they must be perpendicular to the ridge cable.

Building Steel Structure Factory

Installation of purlins: steel structure factory ridge brace welding, installation of purlins to strengthen the roof opening. When installing purlins downhill, tension must be installed and tightened to ensure that the purlins are not distorted and effectively prevent instability of the wing under pressure on the purlins.

To install the wall purlins (wall beams), it is necessary to pull the vertical line from top to bottom to confirm that the wall purlins are on the same plane, and then install the wall purlins in turn, and install the hole reinforcement purlins.

5. Bracing andĀ tensionĀ rod are usually connected by round steel.

6. Roofs: There are two types. One is single ceramic tile, that is, colored steel tile and composite board. The composite board is sandwiched with polyurethane or rock wool between the two layers of color guide plates, which can warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has the effects of sound insulation, fire protection, wind protection and dust prevention.