How to calculate the span of the steel structure workshop?

How to calculate the span of the steel structure workshop in the construction plan of the steel structure workshop?

The methods for calculating the span of the steel structure workshop mainly include the positioning axis calculation method and the precise positioning line calculation method. If these two calculation methods are not available, you can also find a professional steel structure designer to calculate the span to ensure that the steel structure is under construction. The process can be used normally and safely.

steel structure workshop

1. Calculation method of positioning axis:

The positioned axis should overlap the main grid axis. Distances between positioning lines (such as spans, column spacing, floor heights, etc.) should conform to module dimensions to determine the location and height of structures or components, etc. The connection between structural members and plane positioning lines should be conducive to the unification and exchange of horizontal members such as beams, slabs, and roof trusses with vertical members such as walls and columns, so that the structural members are reasonably stressed and the structure is simplified.

2. Calculation method of precise positioning line:

The grid lines other than the positioning axis are called precise positioning lines, which can be used to determine the size of the modular prefabricated components. Precise grid diagrams can use single-axis for precise positioning, dual-axis precise positioning or both, and should be comprehensively determined according to standards such as steel structure workshop planning and design, engineering construction, and prefabricated component manufacturing.

A continuous modular grid can be used with a single axis for precise positioning. When the modular grid needs to be spaced to create an intermediate area, dual axes can be used for precise positioning. If you want to build a special steel structure workshop, you need to invite a professional designer to design and calculate. Generally speaking, the span of the steel structure workshop is regular, which can ensure the safe use of the steel structure workshop in the post-processing and manufacturing process.