Which parts of the steel structure fabrication stage are prohibited from painting?

In the manufacturing stage of the steel structure, the material should be cut in strict accordance with the manufacturing process, and it is also required that the components be coated with anti-corrosion paint. The Canglong building steel structure manufacturer analyzes for everyone which parts of the steel structure fabrication cannot be painted.

steel structure fabrication

Locations without paint requirements:

a. Anchor rod and bottom plate;

b. The position close to or embedded in the concrete;

c. Enclosed inner surface;

d. Surfaces that are tightly bonded by assembly;

e. Stainless steel surface;

f. Design states where no paint is required.

Steel structure production workshop

Parts of the steel structure that are not allowed to be painted:

  • High-strength bolt friction joint surface;
  • The machined surface required by the mechanical device;
  • The area of ​​50~100mm on both sides of the adjacent parts of the site to be welded;
  • Equipment identification and identification;
  • The design states where painting is prohibited.

For areas that are prohibited from coating, protective shielding measures should be taken prior to coating.