Construction Scheme for Steel Structure Interlayer of Two storey Warehouse

The steel structure interlayer is a kind of attic, but sometimes the method and purpose may be different, so the application will be different. The steel structure interlayer is generally built in the workshop or warehouse to separate the space. The interlayer can be constructed by installing reinforcing columns, or it can be constructed on the original building structure. Different construction methods and schemes have different requirements for quality, so it is very important to formulate special construction schemes.

The construction scheme for the interlayer of the two layer steel structure warehouse is to make steel members first. After the assembly is completed, it can be installed and constructed. The main beam of the keel frame of the steel structure interlayer of the two storeys warehouse is generally I-beam and channel steel, and the secondary beam is square steel and angle steel. The size of the main beam and secondary beam depends on the space of the house. Size and purpose: after the main frame structure is installed and welded, the floor bearing plate can be installed.

warehouse steel structure interlayer

After the steel structure interlayer is welded into a skeleton, the floor slab is laid. The steel structure sandwich floor can be laid in large area or cut into small pieces according to the floor area. When laying the floor slab, pay attention to the lapping on both sides of the floor slab. Do not overlap the main beam in an open place, and fix it with self tapping screws. Fix the floor on the steel joist with self tapping screws. Most of the floor bearing plates use profiled steel plates to bind the steel bars to build the frame structure. The cast-in-place concrete forms the floor bearing plate, which has high strength, good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, but slightly heavy deadweight.

The installation of steel structure shall also pay attention to the treatment of anti-corrosion and fire protection. Through different processing, the corresponding performance of components can be guaranteed and reflected. Once the components of the internal steel structure interlayer are made, it is difficult to conduct anti-corrosion treatment. Therefore, during the installation of the frame, it is necessary to do a good job of anti-corrosion and fire prevention treatment to ensure the installation quality of the structure.