Installation of steel structure workshop with crane

Steel structure workshops occupy an important position in industrial buildings, and their installation process requires strict compliance with relevant codes and standards. This article will introduce in detail the installation steps of steel structure workshop with crane to ensure that the workshop can operate safely and stably.

  • Site preparation: Make sure the workshop floor is flat and free of debris so that the crane can operate normally.
  • Equipment preparation: Prepare the required cranes, slings, steel components and other equipment to ensure that the equipment is intact.
  • Personnel preparation: Establish a professional installation team, conduct technical briefings and safety training, and improve employees’ safety awareness.

steel structure workshop with crane

Installation steps
  • Foundation construction: Carry out foundation construction according to the design drawings, including reinforced concrete foundations, embedded parts, etc.
  • Install the crane: According to the workshop layout and lifting requirements, select the appropriate crane model and perform installation and commissioning. Ensure the crane is stable and safe.
  • Steel component processing: Processing and fabrication of steel components according to design drawings, including cutting, bending, welding, etc. Ensure that steel components have accurate dimensions and qualified quality.
  • Steel component hoisting: Use a crane to lift the processed steel components to the designated location in the workshop and make fixed connections. Ensure that steel components are installed firmly and stably.
  • Welding connection: Weld the steel components to ensure that the connection is firm and there are no leaks, slag inclusions, etc.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment: Anti-corrosion treatment is carried out on the steel structure, including applying anti-corrosion paint, installing anti-corrosion facilities, etc. Ensure that the steel structure is corrosion-resistant and extends its service life.
  • Acceptance inspection: Conduct acceptance inspection on the installed steel structure workshop, including dimensional accuracy, connection firmness, anti-corrosion treatment, etc. Ensure the workshop meets design requirements and quality standards.
  • During the installation process, relevant specifications and standards should be strictly followed to ensure installation quality and safety.
  • Cranes and other equipment must be maintained and maintained regularly to ensure normal operation and service life of the equipment.
  • During the installation process, attention should be paid to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the impact on the environment should be reduced.
  • During the installation process, attention should be paid to coordination with other professionals to ensure smooth installation.
  • Pay attention to details during acceptance inspection to ensure that the workshop meets design requirements and quality standards.

The installation of steel structure workshop with crane is a complex and important process that requires a professional installation team and strict management measures to ensure its quality and safety. Through the introduction and analysis of this article, we can understand the installation steps and precautions for steel structure workshops, and provide reference for actual projects.