What are the advantages of building steel construction reinforcement?

During the use of the house, after a long time of sun exposure, some problems will occur. Some are minor issues, some are quality issues. If there is a quality problem, strengthen the house. There are many ways to strengthen building reinforcement, and the applicability is very strong. One of them is the reinforcement of steel construction. What are the advantages of building steel construction reinforcement?

There are three main types of reinforcement techniques for steel structure:

  • 1. Cross-section reinforcement method: use steel bars or local reinforcement, connect them into one piece, and make them bear common force.
  • 2. Prestressed cable method: use high-strength cables to reinforce weak links in the structure or improve the rigidity and stability of the overall bearing capacity of the structure.
  • 3. Change the calculation diagram: increase the support, adjust the load distribution, reduce the internal force level, force the support displacement of the hyperstatic structure, and reduce the peak stress.

building steel construction reinforcement

Advantages of Building Steel construction Reinforcement and Add-on Works

1. After renovation, the housing can be updated and improved.

2. The original foundation and materials can be used, and the engineering cost is low.

3. Improve land use efficiency and reduce the cost of relocation and resettlement of residents.

4. Reduce mining, stacking, transportation and handling of building materials.

5. Structural renovation and addition of storeys can not only expand the scope of use of buildings, but also alleviate the problem of insufficient housing.

6. By adding reinforcement methods such as round beams, structural columns, and internal and external columns, the seismic capacity and stress of the building are improved, and the service life of the building is prolonged.

7. Renovation and reconstruction of the original buildings, the original buildings (only for partial use) will not affect work and life.

8. The foundation bearing capacity value of the long-term load increase of the existing building can be fully utilized, and it can provide a safety reserve for the existing building design, or the favorable conditions for improving the bearing capacity of the foundation due to the decline of the groundwater level. It is economical to carry out a direct add-on renovation project without foundation treatment or minor foundation treatment.

steel structures

The steel structure reinforcement project is mainly made of steel, which has high strength and large elastic modulus. Compared with concrete and wood, its density and yield strength are very small. Therefore, under the same stress state, the section of the steel construction is small, light, and easy to carry and install.