How much does it cost to build a 4,000㎡ cold storage?

How much does the cold storage cost? Almost all friends who build cold storage will pay more attention to the price issue. I usually search for “how much is a square meter of cold storage construction” and “how much is a cubic meter of cold storage construction cost” on the Internet, and habitually calculate the cost of cold storage construction through the price per cubic/square meter.

But in fact, the cost of cold storage does not have a fixed cost standard, and it will change with many factors. When calculating the cost of cold room, we generally need to understand the actual project use requirements and storage requirements, and understand the size of the cold storage (length, width and height), temperature of the cold storage, and distribution of the cold storage. Time and other relevant parameters, based on which the actual cost of the overall cold storage cost is calculated. So how much does it cost to build a 4,000㎡ cold storage? How to calculate the construction cost? We analyze it from the following aspects.

cold storage

Assuming that we divide it into 4 rooms according to the conventional 3-meter cold storage height, we can make the following cold room cost configuration according to the general situation.

Refrigeration equipment

According to the temperature standard of 2~8°C, we can configure 2 sets of medium and high temperature box-type top air cooling units (including Copeland compressors, solenoid valves, and condensers), and the cooling fans are equipped with 6 high-efficiency cooling fans.

Insulation system

2~8 ℃ cold storage generally adopts 10cm thick polyurethane double-sided color steel cold room insulation board, flame retardant level B1, not only has a good insulation effect, but also has a stable structure. Generally, the amount of cold storage insulation panels is calculated according to the size of the cold storage, and then the cost of the cold storage insulation panels is calculated.

Electronic control system

Generally, PLC Siemens microcomputer large-screen controller is used, and equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring, recording, regulation, and alarm equipment. The lighting in the warehouse adopts three-proof LED cold storage lights with the characteristics of moisture-proof, explosion-proof and waterproof.

cold room

To sum up, we can roughly calculate the cost of the 4,000-square-meter cold storage. Combined with piping materials, labor costs, material transportation costs, taxes, etc., we can draw a detailed cold storage cost list and configuration plan.

The above is a detailed introduction to the cost of 4000㎡ of cold storage, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have a demand for this kind of cold storage construction in the near future, please leave us a message, and we will provide you with a reasonable and practical cold storage construction plan.