Mozambique steel structure chicken shed sandwich panel delivery

This is a steel structure chicken shed construction project in Mozambique. Mozambique’s investment in agriculture is high, and the poultry and aquaculture industries are developing rapidly. Livestock and poultry are the main types of farming in Mozambique. The livestock are mainly cattle, goats, sheep and pigs, and the poultry is mainly chickens. Therefore, the demand for farm breeding shed buildings is relatively large. It is more advantageous to use steel structures to build agricultural buildings. Steel structure agricultural buildings are fast to construct and can be put into production quickly.

The client mainly focuses on raising chickens, and he plans to raise 25,000 chickens. So in the early stage he needed to build a chicken coop for his chickens to live in. We designed a steel structure chicken shed for him, and he was quite satisfied. In the end, our Mosglong Group needed to supply his chicken coop with wall sandwich panels and roof panels for the steel structure and enclosure system. Now the color steel sandwich panel for the wall panels and the roof have been produced and are being loaded and shipped.

sandwich panel

steel structure chicken shed sandwich panel delivery