Philippine Electronic Device Purification Workshop

Project Name: Electronic Device Purification Workshop

Project Address: Philippines

Building Area: 5122 square meters

Construction Time: 55 days/10 people

Project Description: The project is a clean room with air cleanliness of 100,000. The ceiling and wall panel are made of anti-static paper honeycomb color steel sandwich panel.The floor is made of anti-static ceramic tiles, which are physically modified by adding anti-static powder in the firing process. Therefore, the anti-static performance is very stable. The resistance value is between 106 and 109 ohms, and the construction is convenient. Adding aluminium foil or copper foil under the floor can improve conductivity. The contract scope of the project includes steel structure,anti-static floor,anti-static maintenance wall panel and ceiling. Our company is responsible for design, production, transportation, installation guidance.

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