Austrian steel structure exhibition hall

Project Name: Steel structure exhibition hall

Project Address: Austria

Building  area: 2000㎡

Project Description: In September 2020, the Austrian customer cooperated with Canglong group again to purchase a batch of steel structures, plates and accessories for the construction of the exhibition hall. The actual area of the project is 2000 square meter. At first, the customer only provided the basic drawing, and then the technical team of Canglong group issued the plan, elevation, structural drawing, basic drawing and installation drawing in combination with the local situation, The whole set of drawings was sent to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and placed an order immediately. We delivered the goods to the customer on time in early October. Transport from factory to Austrian port.

The main steel and secondary steel used in the project are assembled and connected through nuts and bolts. The wall panel adopts polyurethane wall panel, the window adopts aluminum alloy window, and the door adopts polyurethane flap door. The overall feeling is modern and fashionable.

Finally, the customer reported that during the installation process, the installation is simple, the quality is good, the cost is low, and the assembly time is saved. Compared with other types of structures, there are fewer raw materials, and the customer is very satisfied as a whole.

steel structure building

steel structure exhibition hall

steel structure exhibition hall