Fire prevention maintenance of steel prefabricated components in steel structure factory building

With the rapid development of industrialization, steel structure factories are widely used in various industrial buildings due to their advantages such as high strength, fast construction speed, and environmental protection. However, fire prevention issues in steel structure factories have always been a focus of attention. Once a fire occurs, the spread of the fire is rapid and the consequences are serious. Therefore, effective fire prevention maintenance is crucial for the steel prefabricated components of steel structure factory building.

The importance of fire prevention maintenance for steel prefabricated component

Steel prefabricated components play an important role in steel structure factory building, and their fire resistance performance directly affects the fire resistance level of the entire factory building. If the fire prevention measures for steel prefabricated components are not in place, once a fire occurs, the fire will quickly spread, causing serious casualties and property damage. Therefore, effective fire prevention maintenance of steel prefabricated components are an important measure to ensure the safety of steel structure factories.

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Fire protection maintenance methods for steel prefabricated components

Fireproof coating

Coating fire-resistant coatings on the surface of prefabricated steel component is an effective method for fire prevention. Fireproof coatings can form a strong enamel layer at high temperatures, preventing the spread of fire. According to different fire resistance requirements, different types of fireproof coatings can be selected, such as expansion type, non expansion type, etc. When using fireproof coatings, it is necessary to ensure that the coating is uniform, free of bubbles and peeling, and to regularly maintain and inspect it.

Wrapping of fire-resistant panels

For important steel prefabricated components, fire-resistant panels can be used for wrapping. Commonly used fireproof boards include gypsum board, calcium silicate board, etc. These boards have a high fire resistance limit and can effectively improve the fire resistance rating of steel prefabricated components. During the packaging process, it should be ensured that the board is tightly fitted to the steel prefabricated components without gaps, and sealed with fire-resistant sealing materials.

Add fire partitions

In steel structure factory buildings, the spread of fire can be limited by adding fire barriers. Fireproof partitions can be made of refractory materials, such as fire-resistant bricks, concrete, etc. Setting up fire barriers around steel prefabricated components can prevent the spread of fire and buy valuable time for personnel evacuation and firefighting.

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The fire prevention maintenance of steel prefabricated component is an important measure to ensure the safety of steel structure factory building. For different types of steel prefabricated components, effective fire protection maintenance can be achieved by coating them with fireproof coatings, wrapping them with fireproof boards, and adding fireproof partitions. In practical applications, appropriate fire protection maintenance methods should be selected based on specific situations, and regular maintenance and inspections should be carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of steel structure factories. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen personnel’s awareness of fire safety, develop comprehensive fire emergency plans, and improve the fire prevention and control capabilities of the entire steel structure factory buildings.