Is the familiar heavy steel structure villa reliable?

Heavy steel structure is widely used in large projects, such as factory buildings and gymnasiums. It belongs to a new type of building structure system, which is characterized by low cost, beautiful appearance, low carbon and environmental protection. Now the heavy steel structure has started to enter thousands of households and has been popularized to self built villas. How about heavy steel structure villas?

steel structure villa

Advantages of heavy steel structure villa

1. The heavy steel structure villa greatly improves the safety and reliability of the residence, and has good seismic and wind resistance performance. Compared with traditional structures, the seismic performance of heavy steel structures is much better.

  • First, the weight of the steel structure, the lateral displacement of the structure and the stress are not controlled by the seismic force, but mainly affected by the wind load.
  • Second, the material has good ductility and strong seismic performance.
  • Third, the steel structure system is basically not converted, and the vertical stiffness is uniform.

2. The quality of heavy steel structure is more guaranteed. The steel structure is manufactured in the factory with high processing accuracy. The on-site assembly and welding can check the accuracy of each process just like the equipment installation, which greatly reduces the impact of the outdoor site environment on the product quality, so the quality is guaranteed.

3. Heavy steel structure meets the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development, and realizes housing industrialization and industrialization. The manufacturing of steel structure fittings is highly industrialized, mechanized and commercialized.

4. Compared with reinforced concrete residence, heavy steel structure can be recycled in the future. However, the concrete cannot be recycled, and it must be construction waste in the future, causing environmental pressure. And the concrete can only be completely dry for 40 years, so it is easy to cause indoor humidity, which is not conducive to human health. However, the steel structure does not use concrete at all, so this problem does not exist.

heavy steel structure villa construction

5. The dry construction method is adopted for heavy steel structure construction, which will not cause waste of water resources and save costs.

6. Heavy steel structure villas have high strength and light deadweight. The “unit weight to strength ratio” of steel is generally smaller than that of wood, concrete and masonry, so steel villas are 30% – 50% higher than that of reinforced concrete structures.

7. Heavy steel structures are supported by columns and beams, and the walls are infilled walls or wallboards, which are smaller than traditional reinforced concrete structural columns and walls. In fact, they reduce the structural area and increase the use area and value of buildings.

8. The heavy steel structure residence has achieved factory production, on-site installation, high degree of construction mechanization and accelerated construction speed.

Heavy steel structure villa wall is different due to different company processes. Some adopt hollow walls, some adopt grouting treatment, and some use solid walls. Some prefabricated heavy steel villas use solid wall technology, using molded steel skeleton wallboard as the wall, which not only achieves the function of fire protection, moisture-proof and waterproof, but also makes the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation remarkable, which has become the wall standard of the industry at present. Reliable fabricated heavy steel villas meet the residential needs of users and will become the mainstream of future housing construction.