Steel structural warehouse with 180 square meters in Sweden

Project Name: Steel structure warehouse

Project address: Sweden

Building  area: 180㎡

Project Description: The project is a 180 square meter steel structural warehouse built in Sweden. The warehouse is made of steel structure and steel tubes. The wall panels are made of 100mm thick foam board. The roof is made of 100 thick double plates and rock wool. It was completed from the initial enquiry to the final completion of the project, and the project was completed over 5 months. After receiving the goods, the customer fed back that there was no scratch on the steel structure and plate during transportation, the quality was very good, the installation method was convenient, the installation speed was fast, and the overall design, including color and appearance, were very satisfied. The customer said that he would continue to cooperate with Canglong if there were other projects in the future, and believed in Canglong brand and Canglong quality. Believe in Canglong service.

Steel structure building
Steel structure warehouse
Steel structural warehouse