EPS sandwich panel in American steel structure warehouse

Project Name: EPS Sandwich panel

Project address: American

Project purpose: Steel structure warehouse wallboard

Project Description: The project is located in the United States, and the customer has built a small steel structure warehouse. Canglong purchased a batch of EPS sandwich panel with a size of 950mm wide and 50mm thick. The external steel is ppgi steel with a color of 0.3mm, which is the color of external wood + internal white. After receiving the goods, the customer gave us feedback at the first time and came with product pictures, which affirmed the quality of Canglong products. At present, the project is under construction and wall panels are being installed. The customer feedback is that the installation is convenient, the quality is very good, and the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation is very good, The most important thing is that the price is also relatively cheap. The customer is very satisfied. He is ready to push the next project and looks forward to cooperating with Canglong group again.

EPS sandwich panel