The glass factory finished in Canada

Project Name: glass factory

Project Address: Canada

Building Structural: steel structure

Beam/Column: H-shaped steel

Purlin: C/Z-shaped steel, angle steel

Wall System: metal panel, glass curtain wall

Roof System: color steel sandwich panel

Building Type: steel structure factory building

Completion Date: 2024-1-16

Service Life: Over 15 years

Project Description: This is a glass factory construction project for the Canadian customer. Canglong Group adopts steel structure design for the customer’s factory building. The beams and columns are made of cold-rolled H-shaped steel, and the purlins are made of C/Z-shaped steel. The wall panels use metal sandwich panels, and a glass curtain wall is added to increase the aesthetics. The roof uses PU sandwich panels. We also provide drainage pipes, rolling shutter doors, windows and other kits.

steel structure factory building

glass factory construction

glass factory

steel structure factory building