What are the factors that affect the cost of steel factory shed?

As one of the steel structure buildings, the steel structure factory building is the embodiment of the wide application of steel structure buildings. But sometimes we will find that although the buildings are both steel structures and two manufacturers build the same type of steel factory shed, the following factors affect the price range between the two.

steel factory shed

Factors Affecting the Cost of Steel Factory Shed

1. The design type of the steel structure factory building, the required time, the purpose of the factory building, etc.

2. The height of the steel factory shed will be charged 2/10 to 3% for every ten centimeters added to the actual height of the building.

3. The difference in the amount of steel required is also one of the factors. Although it may be the same type of factory building, the difference in the amount of steel used will also make the price different.

4. The span size of the steel structure is also a factor that directly affects the price. If the span is too large, the required cost will increase.

5. The tonnage of the selected crane, the choice of the tonnage of the crane will also affect the cost of the steel structure factory building.

6. The construction price of doors and windows, installation and removal are also slightly affected.

7. The size of the building area is naturally a relatively fundamental reason. If the building area is too large or small, it will directly affect the cost of the steel factory shed. It is also because of this that there is a main reason for the above other conditions.

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