Smart Assembly of Steel Structure Buildings

Smart buildings mainly use and are based on assembly technology, and integrate BIM technology, smart construction, smart testing and other means to ensure quality and efficiency improvement and speed up progress.

Bionic Roof and Curtain Wall Surfaces

This steel structure building adopts a streamlined hyperbolic aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roof, which requires high construction positioning accuracy and is difficult. Through panel dimension reduction optimization and 3D laser scanning technology, precise cutting, processing and installation are implemented.

Choose steel structure assembly to meet space and force requirements

The roof structure includes combinations of triangular trusses, plane trusses, hyperbolic reticulated shells, and string trusses, with a maximum span of 170 meters.

Steel Structure Buildings

Use prefabricated components to strengthen interleaving and collaboration

Reduce on-site wet operations and create a good construction environment; accelerate lean interspersed and implement multi-professional collaboration.

Super high-rise high-rise ALC board walls, non-special rooms, are all installed with 200mm thick ALC boards, which can meet the requirements of sound insulation. ALC panels with a floor height of more than 6 meters or with a large bay depth are supported and connected by lightweight steel structure to ensure the stability of the wall.

Detailed design and processing

Many sub- or sub-sub-projects such as foundation, roof, curtain wall, steel structure, and components are all designed with BIM forward deepening design and deep integration of mechanized processing.